What we do

Marsh Lodge Presentation Services

Marsh Lodge Presentation Services can help your company maximise the effect of its communications.

As well as providing the basic ingredients for a successful event such as staging, lighting, audio and AV kit we have a team of professional technicians who have a depth and breadth of experience across all types of event, across  many different countries.

We have also developed specialised technology and software which will help get your message and results across even after the event has finished and we can continue to work alongside you to maximise post event penetration.

+ conferences

We can take the pressure off when it comes to conference organisation. With MLPS handling the technical detail, you can get on with the business in hand.

Over the years we have dealt with the technical production for conferences of all sizes in Europe, the States and here in the UK. Staging, lighting, sound, voting, break-out meetings, satellite link ups, multi-site simultaneous or sequential launches / presentations, PowerPoint preparation - whatever your needs you will find we can make it happen for you.

+ meetings

Alongside conferences, we also provide technical production for meetings. Perhaps you just need screen / projector / laptop or the recording of a board meeting, advisory board or discussion between key personnel. Or you may want to use interactive handsets to involve and excite the group and provide you with crucial feedback.

MLPS - Making it happen - technical production for your event